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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Edisi Kerja #20 - Duta Kecil

tadi kat office - sekarang dalam proses menanda kertas peperiksaan yang baru habis last week. biasanya proses ni memakan masa erm lama jugak lah, kalau untuk unit aku - so my colleague offered me his mentos as refreshment.

masa tu pagi lagi, dalam jam 0915 - eceh, awal pulak pergi kerja hari ni walaupun sebenarnya dah takde student pung! - so aku tolak la cakap, not now.

so nak dipendekkan cerita, kerja kitorang buat ni makan la masa sampai ke jam 1700. masa tu tengah duk tunggu approval from our Big Boss and sambil-sambil tunggu ni dia offered lagi mentos dia. sebab the day before that, dia belum sempat offer, aku yang mintak dulu. hihi. 

pastu aku cakap la. no thanks. actually i'm fasting today.

so kawan yang lagi sorang dengar terus macam terkejut la. so dia respons la cakap, eh, is it fasting month already?

no, not yet. but we are advised to fast on Monday and Thursday.

oo. like that aa? so, what about Friday?

Friday, also possible. but we need to partner it with either the day before or the day after it. 

oo. - macam dapat satu input yang baru je - hihi.

because on Friday you have that prayer right.

yes, but that one for males only.

oo. -again-

colleague yang no 2 ni senior sikit, so dia tahu banyak information compare to the one who offered me the sweets because he is much more younger.

lepas tu nak dipendekkan cerita lagi, kawan no 2 tanya pulak pasal Hajj. huhu. aku takut aku tersalah beri info. yelah, aku tak pernah pergi lagi kan - insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, pergi lepas kawin, wee - dia tanya la, berapa kos and then dia suggested to me to go there whenever I get my bonuses, let say for 2 years after working here. 


aku cakap la, tak cukup kot. and surprisingly dia tahu pasal Tabung Haji yang patut uruskan pasal ni, and then aku cakap la aku tak daftar pun lagi. hihi. maafkan saya. i'm still sorting things out. - alasan -

pastu aku cakap la, as a single lady aku tak boleh pergi sorang-sorang, aku kena bawak at least sorang teman. then dia cakap bawak la kawan. hihi. very costly la aku cakap. 'you don't need to pay for him too right?' he said when I mention that I need to go with my mahram - of course, I need to explain what mahram means first.

lepas tu datang la pulak Ketua Kumpulan kitorang pasang telinga. dia nak masuk campur tapi belum faham apa topik, and then lepas dah tahu, dia pun share his input pulak.

this guy surprised me even more!

because he actually have erm I can say like 15% of informations about Islam. ^^

he even tried to read the translation of Quran therefore he knows a bit about us, Muslims and he can understand quite well - the reason between our rules and else. he knows that woman are protected in Islam where men should always protected his wife. he knows the responsibility of a men towards a woman - men supposedly provided to his wife and should be leader and not woman. he knows about the divorce process - even can divorce by sms. he knows about nafkah. he knows about Mekah and Hajj -thumbs up- 

I wonder if he can read Arabic? hehe.

and so we discussed further more about Islam until it went to Hudud part. huhu!

colleague no 2 seems cannot accept the part of Hudud. poor him because I also cannot explain quite well in that part. I just mentioned to him that Hudud is Islam's way of treating the criminal but it is very fair not only to the criminal itself but to the community. 

they gave one example that they see in Mukabuku which stated that Hudud said we need to crush one man's hand if caught stealing, then I said, no. we just cut it! huhu. but in a very simple way so that it cannot seems like torture but for sure it can be one of good example for those who watch it. 

correct me if I'm wrong, please. thank you.

the Ketua Kumpulan later mentioned about rejam 'thing'. huhu. 

the most interesting part, rejam until death - and I responded, that was for those who are married and caused an adultery. he actually knows the process as well, like buried the body until the neck level and need to be stormed with stones until they died.

so,when the colleague no 2 heard about this, he actually seem like scared or shocked, I don't know. hihi.

at some point, of course pointing to the upcoming GE2013, that their community - I work with majority non-Muslims here - are actually afraid if we applied the Hudud law and it will also be applicable to them.

and again, the Ketua Kumpulan did his research and help colleague no 2 to understand better by sharing his thoughts about how this law only applicable to Muslims. luckily this time around, colleague no 2 can accept -he is a quite an outspoken person and likes to question many many things, phew!-

then he, colleague no 2 complained about this Hudud law, because it is always been on the news but no one actually really do a complete explanation about these especially for them, non-Muslim community. huhu. 

and truth to be told, I also do not think I myself are capable of doing so, meaning I still need to study more and more so that I will not give wrong impression or information to non-Muslim about our beloved religion. 

as my friend once said, wherever we are, we are actually one little ambassador of Islam, therefore we need to show good example of what Islam has taught us so that the others also can see and share our beautiful Islam. ^^

and I'm always trying, please pray for me to be success in this task. amin.

I cut a lot of stories in here because I was so lazy, -maafkan saya- but the point is about the DUTA KECIL part. :)

and if I did something wrong in here, please do correct me. thank you! ^^

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