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Monday, December 3, 2012

Edisi Kerja #19 - Kanak Kanak Ribena

before the experiment.

'so you have to plot a graph of ln V versus time and find the gradient. bla bla bla.'


'and this graph should be in straight line because it graph of ln, bla bla bla.. understand?'


in the middle of the experiment.

'before you leave, you should at least plot the graph and find the percentage error'


'do you understand or not?'


when plotting the graph.

'teacher, my graph looks like this. a curve'

'yes, your point can be in this form because it is discharging over time, but still you have to plot in the straight line because this is graph of ln now. okay?'


they talked to each other in confusion, start to make complaining face, repeating my words, made a joke about it and laughed. as usual.

I looked at them and said, 'you know I can understand you right? what you are talking about just now'


by the end of the class.

'Miss, I'm sorry if I said something wrong earlier, I didn't mean it. we like to joke.'

'okay, never mind, I know that'

padahal sepatah haram pun aku tak paham. hahaha! okay, maybe one or two familiar words, boleh la. cuma  aku boleh paham sebab aku terjemahkan pakai body language. hihi. Miss Saiko betul la Cik Ralat ni.

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