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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Edisi Kerja #13 - Belajar Daripada Kesilapan

Kejadian berlaku pada hari Selasa. Cerita sedih ni, please switch on your empathy mode, thank you.

Macamana nak start ek? Hmm. First week aku mulakan karier pertama sepanjang aku hidup tapi dah kena panggil mengadap Big Boss. Perasaan tak menentu, jiwa bergelora, fikiran berkecamuk. Eh, exaggerated betul la! Haha.

Tapi seriously cannot have full attention towards my class after I got the call about the meeting. Then suddenly became busy body and asking around whether they got the call or is it only me? Actually this was not a good reaction, because if you happen to know that your colleagues didn’t get the same call, how would you react? Macam orang gila you know. Partly gila, I must say. Haha!


Nak tahu ke kenapa kena masuk meeting?

Haha! Of course sebab ada orang tak puas hati dengan aku. Haish. Baru first week kot mengajar, so for sure there are a lots and lots of mistakes that will open your weak spot. Or maybe it was just me. Tsk tsk.

BUT, I was very fortunate this time, I’m not sure whether the time is right or maybe my Big Boss happens to have good mood that day, so the meeting ended as a consultation and discussions.

The meeting will change my view towards my Big Boss. Hehe!

From my point of view, the Big Boss is actually quite a reasonable person. He tends to understand my point, my side of story and just giving me advice here and there and believe in me. Others think that The Big Boss is hard to handle.

Lucky me then! ^^

I do admit that I may have made some mistakes as well, [first thing first, ready to admit your weakness or mistakes and get ready to take advice from others] and I said that I will repair the weak spot here and there.

The most important thing that The Big Boss said was `i have confidence in you’. Simplest thing ever, but have a great impact on me.

Suddenly feel at ease and lighter. Like the burden was taken away and again a BIG phew came out before I took off to next class. Haha!

Just keep a promise to myself to improve and improve and keep improving from time to time. Hopefully, InsyaAllah. 

Di saat kamu bersusah hati atau mempunyai kepayahan, ingatlah Allah akan menolong kamu dengan cara yang tidak terduga. Jadi, bersangka baiklah dengan Allah dan berserahlah kepadaNya. Sesungguhnya Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancang. 

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