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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Edisi Kerja #9 - First Official Job Interview


itu je boleh cakap awal-awal. ceh!

okay, so today I went to my first official job interview which I applied last week. yes, it is going that fast! at first I dont really know how to react.

the feeling is overwhelming - I mean this is what I wanted for a long time right after I started to plan about my future.

the position?

yes, L.E.C.T.U.R.E.R. Like I've always wanted. heh!

I dont know if I am really compatible to be one, but hey, thats really is what I want right now, right away at this very right moment. if you know what I mean.

sound desperate, yeah?

well, a little bit I suppose is okay.

I did ran out of money and need to settle down as soon as possible and the stronger reason is I want to show to my ex-Si Cekgu I can survive even without her help. I can be someone even if I have to start from below and its okay for me.

bercakap berapi-api ni. ceh!

but when the interviewer asked me this and that, I dont think I answer in a very good way because the level of nervousness is off the limit. I am really nervous when the event or time like this appear.

I arrived half an hour earlier, and then was asked to filled up some information and attached my certificates. then the HR assistant, the one who contacted me by email come and asked me to follow her right into her room.

and then she started to ask some basic questions and there I sat thinking that she maybe want to do an informal interview but no! omai omai. she's the one whose interviewing me, she's judging me from the first time we shakes hands and I didnt realized that up until then. gosh!

and I think I failed. darn!

after that, I have to do a mock lecture - the part I've been preparing for 2 days.

at first I thought it was going smoothly, then after the evaluation is given I didnt think I managed very well. it was too speedy for students to understand me, at least thats what they said.

then, the Head of Department also wants to meet me, so there goes the 3rd interview, but thankfully it just a short one, very simple question yet tricky. hoho!

okay, enough of blabbering.

so, the biggest question is, what is the answer?

hmm, actually they will decide whether to hire me or not only after two days, but what I can tell, the interview-things went just fine. hopefully-lah.

well, this was my 1st interview and I think I did quite very well except for the nervous part.

really need to improve on that.

oh, and also the speaking in English part. hoho!

but, right now I have the second thought. hmm. actually, I have this offer from U1 and U2 - the position is Research Assistant, but with my so-called lab experiences, my skills with the lab instrumentation [ececeh] and my second degree, I actually can get paid a little higher than before, with different supervisor, so maybe I'll get full allowance or at least 80% from the standard and the good thing is I can start right away. after 4 years, I can change the title from Ms to Mrs, eh to Dr.

insyaAllah both. thee hee hee~

so which one is the right choice? 


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