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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thank You is Not Enough

What way is there to thank you,
for your heart, your sweat, your tears?
For ten-thousand little things you've done
for oh-so many years?
For changing with me as I changed,
Accepting all my flaws,
Not loving 'cause you had to,
but loving "just because".

For never giving up on me
when your wits had reached their end.
For always being proud of me,
for being my best friend.
And so I come to realize
the only way to say.
The only thank you that's enough,
it's clear in just one way.

Look at me before you,
see what I've become.
Do you see yourself in me?
The job that you have done?
All your hopes and all your dreams
the strength that no one sees.
A transfer over many years,
your best was passed to me.

Thank you for the gifts you give,
for everything you do.
Thank you Mama most of all
for making me like you.

'Thank You is Not Enough'
by Blair witch

Happy Birthday Mom..!!. I heart you a lot.. :)

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