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Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Side of Story...

aku betul - betul tak sangka.

we met.


at the first time, i was like shocked. i don`t have any idea to react in the situation. i kinda trying to be cool. but instead of it, i felt like being fool.

how can i dealt with it. i was like, trembling.


should stop it.

then, i tried to act normal. i tried to laugh. tried to smile. and even tried to make jokes. it did go well. i hope so. i`m trying not to stare at the subject. but, cant help it. it is right in front of me. i`m trying to be cool like the way it did.

moreover, we don`t have anything related right now except we got same buddies. it cannot be change as it will stay forever and that`s why the connection between us will not loose. how can i help it. i cannot break them apart just for my stupid old feeling.


but, good news is, i think i can handle it now. i think i`m more happier than last night. it was like refreshing time. now, i can let it go, all over it.

lesson to be learned.
if u think u afraid of something, u should face it.
go through it and fight the fear.
then u will know your hidden potential.
and u will gain higher self esteem.

good luck. =)


Anggunism said...

yup~yup~ fight for your right.. haha...tibe je..

Si Ralat said...

haah. sangat tiba-tiba. sesat jalan kah amoi?