Cari Makan Sikit

Friday, July 11, 2008

well... 3rd entry...

good morning everyone. i`m a lil bit slow bout updating this new blog because i`ve already got 1, so it kinda lot of stuff to do if i`m gonna update both of it. so, i`ll try my best to share the attention and the love.

so, last night i went to my new house. me and my housemates-gonna-be pack our stuffs and put it in the house. because i went back to my friend`s room. the house is quite comfortable. but it is so far from the bus stop. aiyoh. me must be kurus and slim after this. might not. because i`ll eat a lot to fill my tangki. well. after rushing there rushing here, so, we need to eat rite. n usually i`ll eat a lot. i`m trying not to. but i can`t.

so, me n my friend will move in tonight. but i still got 1 bag full with dirty clothes [i washed them earlier this morning act], my laptop bag, my workin bag, n oh yea i forgot to bring the iron last night. so i`ll put it in the same bag. hope muat la.

i`m not feeling well act because my throat is sore, i think. i dunno. maybe because i ate the hacks soooo much. before go to work, while waiting bus, after i reach my workplace, while i`m doing my lab, while i`m surfing, before n after my lunch, n etc etc. i don`t remember because i eat them a lot. kinda my favourite rite now. i used to eat halls. black halls. then i pick a green or yellow halls. after that i chose hacks. kinda addicted. i can eat hacks anytime. [macam orang yang nak berhenti hisap rokok pun ada. but i`m not a smoker.]

i got lot of works from my boss. hehe. lady boss. but i kinda dun have the mood to do the work. editing the journal. i`ll get dizzy. looking at the formula and the graph. and i`ll like. ouh. not again. [jahat sikit la for a new worker.] i`m not supposed to do that. i mean me is the 'servant' for her.

and also i must show to her that i can be relied on when no one else can`t. not being the bodek person, but i`m still new. so, i must make her believe that she can count on me, that she pick the right person.